Parcel Management


This Happens To Be Our Speciality.

We consider these four elements critical to the overall Parcel Management Strategy:

  • Audit – Many companies are not currently performing an audit on their parcel invoices because its labor intensive and hard to understand.  We help automate that process and our expertise and understanding of invoices position us to help recover the money you are entitled to. 

  • Analysis – The Logistics Store has cutting-edge technology that pulls together Carrier Data and converts them into Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports. These valuable reports help dictate direction for departments and assists in negotiations. We understand and believe in the value of relevant data. 

  • Spend Management – We understand the variables the carriers view as important. Because of our auditing and analysis, we can leverage our understanding of the market and your own freight characteristics to help you negotiate with carriers. Don’t spend more than you need to. Maximize your overall efficiencies with your spend management because the data tells you.

  • Software – The Logistics Store brings all of our expertise together by integrating a multi-carrier parcel shipping software. This is the final piece that makes all of this work.  We automate logic and processes so nothing is left to chance. 

Our very best clients focus on the core services that generate them the most revenue while we work behind the scenes to ensure their Parcel Management compliments their business activity. Together we work closely together to ensure overall margins are maximized.